Herbs- Senna Leaves / Pods


The sennas are typically shrubs or subshrubs, some becoming scandent when growing into other vegetation. Some are herbs or small trees.The leaves are paripinnately compound, the leaflets opposite. The inflorescence is a raceme, or some arrangement or racemes. The pedicels lack bracteoles.

Botanical Name
Trigonella foenum-graecum L Leguminosae Seed
FamilyFeb, March 2
Part Usedpowerful ,aromatic and bittersweet, like burnt sugar. There is a aftertaste, similer to celery or lovage.r to celery or lovage
LabellingAs per buyer’s requirement
ShippingPruthvi Enterprise shipping different grades, as per the buyers requirement.

Home Remedies

  • Senna is used to relieve pain in people who have hemorrhoid. This pain which occur during the bowel movement can be relieved by the employment of senna.
  • Rub senna on your skin surface to heal the skin diseases.
  • Taking a fluid diet of senna tea can lead to a rapid loss of weight. It is effective in stimulating colon, which in turn helps in improving the metabolism of fat.
  • Senna is effective in enhancing gastric which in turn cause the healing of indigestion problems

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