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The name fenugreek or foenum-graecum is from Latin for “Greek hay”. The plant’s similarity to wild clover has likely spawned its Swedish name: “bockhornskl?ver” as well as the German: “Bockshornklee”, both literally meaning: “ram’s horn clover”.

Botanical Name Family Part Used Hotness ScaleTrigonella foenum-graecum L Leguminosae Seed
Harvesting Season Hotness ScaleFeb, March 2
Flavourpowerful ,aromatic and bittersweet, like burnt sugar. There is a aftertaste, similer to celery or lovage.r to celery or lovage
Packing18 kgs/25 kgs /40 kgs in Jute or HDPE Bags Or As per buyer?s Requirement
LabellingAs per buyer’s requirement

Shipping Pruthvi Enterprise shipping different grades, as per the buyers requirement. Fenugreek seeds yields both a herb and a spice. India and Egypt are Primary countries of origin.

Home Remedies

  • Fenugreek seeds helps to control type I and II diabetes.
  • It reduces high serum cholesterol.
  • This seeds relieves constipation may be because the seeds contain a gum which when mixed with water expands in the gut and adds bulk to the stool.
  • It can be prescribed to nursing mothers to increase their milk production.
  • Since fenugreek seeds contain chemicals (diosgenin and estrogens isoflavones) similar to the female sex hormone oestrogen is considered as a potent menstruation promoter (menstrual discomforts), minimise symptomsof menopause.
  • Fenugreek sprouts can be incorporated in your salads to help to minimise these problems.

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